ram https://tvdseo.com/nRam, ram, or RAM may refer to:

== Animals ==
A male sheep
Ram cichlid, a freshwater tropical fish

== People ==
Ram (given name)
Ram (surname)
Ram (director) (Ramsubramaniam), an Indian Tamil film director
RAM (musician) (born 1974), Dutch
Raja Ram (musician) (Ronald Rothfield), Australian
Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), US spiritual teacher and author
Kavitark Ram Shriram (born 1950s), Google founding board member
Ram Herrera, a Tejano musician

== Places ==
Ram, Serbia, Veliko Gradište
Lake Ram, Golan Heights, Syria
Ram Island (disambiguation), several islands with the name
Ram Fortress, Serbia
Ram Range, a mountain range in the Canadian Rockies
Ram River in Alberta, Canada

== Arts, entertainment, and media ==
Ram (album), a 1971 album by Paul and Linda McCartney
Random Access Memories, a 2013 album by Daft Punk
RAM (band), Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Ram (company), a Japanese visual novel studio
Ram FM, a radio station, Derbyshire, England 1994–2010
RAM Records, UK
Rock Australia Magazine, 1975–1989

== Organizations ==

=== Museums ===
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

=== Other organizations ===
Revolutionary Action Movement, black nationalist movement organization in America that operated during the 1960s
Reform the Armed Forces Movement, a Philippines military 1980s-1990s
Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps, US healthcare organization
Residents Action Movement, New Zealand political party
Resistencia Ancestral Mapuche, alleged separatist organization in Argentina and Chile
Rise Above Movement, American white supremacist organization
Royal Academy of Music, London, UK
Royal Air Maroc, the national airline of Morocco

== Astronomy and astrology ==
Aries (astrology), astrological sign also known as the Ram
Goat (zodiac) or Ram, a sign of the Chinese zodiac

== Religion ==
Lord Rama, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism

== Science and technology ==

=== Computing ===
Random-access memory, computer memory
Random-access machine, a theoretical computer model
.ram, a file extension for the RealAudio file format

=== Military ===
Ram (rocket), an American anti-tank weapon of the Korean War
A device or vehicle used for ramming (striking a target with great force)
Ram tank, a Canadian tank of World War II
RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile, a naval surface-to-air missile

=== Other uses in science and technology ===
Extension ram, a hydraulic rescue tool
Hydraulic ram
Radar-absorbent material
Rechargeable alkaline manganese battery
Relative atomic mass, sometimes shortened to r.a.m.
Reliability, availability, and maintainability, a subfield of the field of logistics
Root apical meristem, a plant tissue

== Transportation ==
Ram Trucks, US, since 2009
List of vehicles named Dodge Ram, trucks and vans
Ram Pickup, produced by Ram Trucks

== Other uses ==
Aries (constellation), also known as the Ram
Ram languages, of Papua New Guinea
RAM Racing, a Formula One racing team 1976-1985
Risk Assessment Matrix

== See also ==
Rams (disambiguation)
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