pate, pâté, or paté may refer to:

== Foods ==

=== Pâté ‘pastry’ ===
Pâté, various French meat forcemeat pies or loaves
Pâté haïtien or Haitian patty, a meat-filled puff pastry dish
Pate or paté (anglicized spellings), the Virgin Islands version of empanadas, a meat or vegetable-filled fried-dough dish

=== Pâte ‘dough’ ===
Pate, pâte, or paste, the body of cheese excluding the rind
Pâte à choux, a kind of choux pastry

== Places ==
Pate, Cambodia
Pate Island, also seat of a former Pate Sultanate, in Kenya

== Other ==
Pate (instrument), a Samoan percussion instrument
Pate (surname), a surname
Pâté (film), a film by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo
Patē, the Māori name for the tree Schefflera digitata
Pate, the surface of the human head, especially a bald head

== See also ==
Pasty (disambiguation)
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