hancock https://tvdseo.com/nHancock may refer to:

== Places in the United States ==
Hancock, Iowa
Hancock, Maine
Hancock, Maryland
Hancock, Massachusetts
Hancock, Michigan
Hancock, Minnesota
Hancock, Missouri
Hancock, New Hampshire
Hancock (CDP), New Hampshire
Hancock, New York, a town
Hancock (village), New York, in the town of Hancock
Hancock, Austin, Texas, a neighborhood
Hancock, Vermont
Hancock (town), Wisconsin
Hancock, Wisconsin, a village within the town
Hancock County (disambiguation), a list of counties in ten U.S. states
Hancock Township (disambiguation)
Mount Hancock (disambiguation)

== Entertainment ==
Hancock (film), a 2008 superhero film starring Will Smith
Hancock’s Half Hour, a British BBC radio and TV comedy programme, eventually shortened to Hancock
Hancock (1963 TV series), a 1963 British ITV television series

== Other uses ==
Hancock (programming language)
Hancock (surname)
Hancock air whistle, a whistle intended for use on diesel locomotives
Great North Museum: Hancock, formerly the Hancock Museum, a natural history museum in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
John Hancock Center, a Chicago skyscraper owned by the financial company of the same name
John Hancock Financial, a US company
John Hancock Tower, a building in Boston, Massachusetts, also owned by the company
USS Hancock, the name of several ships belonging to the United States Navy
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