enigma https://tvdseo.com/nEnigma, aenigma, or The Enigma may refer to:

Riddle, someone or something that is mysterious or puzzling

== Biology ==
Aenigma (beetle), a genus of beetles
Zulunigma or Aenigma, a genus of jumping spiders from South Africa
ENIGMA, a class of gene in the LIM domain

== Computing and technology ==
Enigma (company), a New York-based data-technology startup
Enigma machine, a family of German electro-mechanical encryption machines
Enigma, the codename for Red Hat Linux 7.2

== Film ==
Enigma (1982 film), a film starring Martin Sheen and Sam Neill
Aenigma (film), a 1987 film by Lucio Fulci
Enigma (2001 film), a film adapted from the Robert Harris novel
Enigma (2009 film), a short film by the Shumway Brothers

== Literature ==
Enigma (novel), a 1995 novel by Robert Harris
Enigma (DC Comics), a DC Comics character
Enigma (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics character
Enigma (Vertigo), a title published by DC’s imprint Vertigo
Enigma (manga), a 2010 manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump
Enigma Cipher, a series from Boom! Studios
Enigma, a novel in The Trigon Disunity series by Michael P. Kube-McDowell
“Enigma” and “An Enigma”, two poems by Edgar Allan Poe

== Music ==
Enigma (German band), an electronic music project founded by Michael Cretu
Enigma (British band), a 1980s band
Enigma Records, an American rock and alternative record label in the 1980s
Enigma Variations, 14 variations composed by Edward Elgar

=== Albums ===
Enigma (Ill Niño album) (2008)
Ænigma (In Vain album) (2013)
Enigma (Tak Matsumoto album) (2016)
Enigma (Keith Murray album) (1996)
Enigma (Aeon Zen album) (2013)

=== Songs ===
“Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)”, a 1978 song by Amanda Lear
“Enigma”, a 2007 song by Amorphis from Silent Waters
“Enigma”, a 2002 song by Trapt from Trapt
“Aenigma”, a 2002 song by Luca Turilli from Prophet of the Last Eclipse
“Enigma”, a 2014 song by Within the Ruins from Phenomena
“Enigma”, a 2020 song by Lady Gaga from Chromatica

== Places ==
Enigma, Georgia
Enigma, Tennessee
Enigma Peak, a mountain in Palmer Land, Antarctica

== Television ==
Enigma (Derren Brown), a televised tour show
Enigma (TV series), a Biography Channel TV series
“Enigma” (NCIS), an episode of NCIS
“Enigma” (Stargate SG-1), an episode of Stargate SG-1
Enigma, a character from Nip/Tuck

== Transport ==
Enigma (yacht), a private superyacht
Dynamic Sport Enigma, a Polish paraglider design
Enigma Motorsport, a British motor-racing team
Enigma Titanium, a British bicycle company

== Video games ==
Enigma (1987 video game), a vertical scrolling shooter
Enigma (1998 video game), a third-person adventure puzzle game
Enigma (2007 video game), a marble puzzle game
Enigma: Rising Tide, a 2003 video game
Enigma, a character from Dota 2
“The Enigma”, the first episode of the episodically-release video game, Batman: The Enemy Within

== Other uses ==
The Enigma (performer), American sideshow performer, actor, and musician
Enigma (roller coaster), a roller coaster at Pleasurewood Hills, Suffolk, England
Enigma – Museum for Post, Tele og Kommunikation, the national Danish postal museum
The Enigma, a monthly publication of the National Puzzlers’ League
Enigma, a series of mathematical puzzles published in New Scientist between 1979 and 2013

== See also ==
Enigmata (disambiguation)
Enigmatic (disambiguation)
Lady Gaga Enigma, a concert residency by Lady Gaga
Publius Enigma, an unsolved Internet-based puzzle
23 enigma, a superstitious belief in the significance of number 23
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