cos, COS, CoS, coS or Cos. may refer to:

== Mathematics, science and technology ==
Caché ObjectScript, a programming language, part of the InterSystems Caché database
Carbonyl sulfide, (COS) a chemical compound
CatOS, an obsolete operating system for Cisco Catalyst devices
Central office switching, a system or unit that connects telephone calls
Class of service (CoS), a 3-bit field within a layer-two Ethernet frame header defined by IEEE 802.1p
Class of service (COS), a configuration parameter in legacy telephone systems
Cobalt sulfide, (CoS) a chemical compound
COS (operating system), a Linux-based mobile operating system under development in China
COS cells, a cell line used by biologists
Cosine, a trigonometric function
Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, an ultraviolet instrument installed on the Hubble Space Telescope
Cray Operating System, a proprietary operating system Cray supercomputers

== Medicine ==
Controlled ovarian stimulation, a method of optimizing fertility that may be given as part of an intrauterine insemination cycle
Childhood onset schizophrenia

== Places ==
Cos, Ariège, a commune of the Ariège department in France
Cos or Kos, a Greek island
Colorado Springs Airport, a public airport located near Colorado Springs
Also may refer to Colorado Springs
Gulf of Cos, a narrow gulf of the Aegean Sea
Villa de Cos, town in the Mexican state of Zacatecas

== Roles ==
Chief of Staff, the coordinator of the supporting staff of an organization
Chief of Station or Station Chief, an official in charge of an outpost in a foreign country, especially the chief spy
Roman consul, the highest elected political office of the Roman Republic and the Empire

== Organizations, societies and churches ==
Central Organization for Statistics, the government of Iraq’s statistics agency
Chamber of Shipping, see i.e.
International Chamber of Shipping
General Council of British Shipping
Charity Organization Society, a private charity (late 19th century to early 20th century) for information on the poor
Children’s Orchestra Society, a non-profit organization in New York City for musically talented children and teens
Church of Satan, an organization for those who lead their life according to The Satanic Bible
Church of Scientology, an organization devoted to the practise and the promotion of the Scientology belief system
Church of Scotland, the national church of Scotland
Commandement des Opérations Spéciales, a French organization that coordinates special forces of all military branches
Community of Science, online database
Company of Servers, a society for lay altar servers within the Anglican Communion
Consequence of Sound, a Chicago-based music website
Cooper Ornithological Society, an ornithological society founded in 1893 in California
Council of State, an advisory body of many countries

== Other ==
COS (clothing), a British fashion brand by H&M
Cos lettuce or romaine lettuce, a variety of lettuce
Cost of sales, the direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold by a company
Caress of Steel, an album by the Rock Band, Rush
Chicks on Speed, an electropop group which started in Munich
Cone of Silence (Get Smart), a joke device from the Get Smart television show and movies
Martín Perfecto de Cos (1800–1854), 19th-century Mexican general, brother in law of Presidente & General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
A nickname for comedian Bill Cosby
Cos (television series), 1976 sketch comedy hosted by Cosby
An old pet form for “cousin”
Informal abbreviation for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Cos., the abbreviation for “companies”
CoS, Chance of Success, used in oil and gas exploration to give an indication of the chance of finding commercial oil/gas reserve
An abbreviation for Cosplay, in China and center of Republic of Korea

== See also ==
Kos (disambiguation)
Because (disambiguation)
CDOS (disambiguation)
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