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99 (number), the natural number following 98 and preceding 100
one of the years 99 BC, AD 99, 1999, 2099, etc.

== Art, entertainment, and media ==
The 99, a comic series based on Islamic culture

=== Film, television and radio ===
99 (1918 film), a Hungarian film
99 (2009 film), an Indian Hindi film
99 (2019 film), an Indian Kannada film
The 99 (TV series), a 2011–2012 animated series
Agent 99, a fictional character in the 1960s American TV series Get Smart
WNNX (99X), classic “Rock 100.5” FM, in Atlanta, Georgia
99 (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), an episode of the American television police sitcom
Clone 99, a character from Star Wars

=== Games ===
’99: The Last War, a renamed version of the arcade game Repulse
Ninety-nine (addition card game), a simple card game where players drop out if forced to bring the total above 99
Ninety-nine (trick-taking card game), a card game where players bid by discarding three cards

=== Music ===
99 Records, a record label

==== Performers ====
Ninety-nine (owarai), a Japanese comedic duo known for their show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!
ninetynine, an Australian indie band

==== Albums ====
99 (Epik High album), 2012
99 (No-Big-Silence album), 1997

==== Songs ====
“99” (song), 1980, by Toto
“99” (Fightstar song), 2007
“99” (Ruth Lorenzo song), 2015
“99”, 2004, by The Haunted from the album rEVOLVEr
“99 Bottles of Beer”, a folk song
“99 Times”, 2009, by Kate Voegele
“99 Luftballons” (German Neunundneunzig Luftballons, means “99 balloons” in English), 1983, by Nena
“99 Problems”, 2004, by Jay-Z
“Ninety-Nine” (song), 1959 by Bill Anderson

== Commercial brands ==
99, a line of schnapps fruit brandy produced by Barton Brands
99 (app), a brand of mobile transport software
99 Flake, also known as “99”, a type of ice cream served with a chocolate flake
Saab 99, a car

== Science ==
Atomic number 99: einsteinium
Messier 99, aka M99, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices
NGC 99, an NGC object, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Pisces
STS-99, a Space Shuttle Endeavour mission launched in 2000

== Sports ==
99, the only number retired league-wide in the National Hockey League, in honor of Wayne Gretzky
99 call, a rugby union strategy used in the 1974 British Lions tour to South Africa
Graz 99ers, an Austrian ice hockey team from the city of Graz

== Other uses ==
.99, a common price ending in psychological pricing
99 Names of Allah, the names or attributes of God in the Qur’an
Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots founded by Amelia Earhart and others

== See also ==
99% (disambiguation)
99ers, U.S. Citizens who have exhausted all their unemployment benefits
99ers, the 1999 U.S. Women’s soccer team
99X (disambiguation)
A99 (disambiguation)
List of highways numbered 99
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