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420 (number)
420 (cannabis culture), informal reference to cannabis use and celebrations on April 20
California Senate Bill 420 or the Medical Marijuana Program Act
AD 420, a year in the 5th century of the Julian calendar
420 BC, a year
April 20
420 (dinghy), a class of double-handed racing sailboats
“420” (Family Guy), an episode of Family Guy
420 Bertholda, a main-belt asteroid
4-2-0, a classification of steam locomotives
“4-2-0” (song), a song by Kottonmouth Kings from Rollin’ Stoned
“4:20”, a song by Six Feet Under on the 1997 album Warpath
Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, a law against cheating and dishonesty

== See also ==
420th (disambiguation)
List of highways numbered 420
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