303 https://tvdseo.com/nYear 303 (CCCIII) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. It was known in the Roman Empire as the Year of the Consulship of Valerius and Valerius (or, less frequently, year 1056 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 303 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

== Events ==

=== By place ===

==== Roman Empire ====
Great Persecution: Emperor Diocletian launches the last major persecution of Christians in the Empire. Hierocles is said to have been the instigator of the fierce persecution of the Christians under Galerius. They are forbidden to worship in groups, and thousands of them are killed in the next 10 years.
February 24 – Galerius publishes his edict that begins the persecution of Christians in his portion of the Empire.
September 25 – On a voyage preaching the gospel, Saint Fermin of Pamplona is beheaded in Amiens, France.
November 20 – Diocletian makes a visit to Rome. The Augusti and the Caesars are united for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diocletian’s accession.
The Arch of Galerius is dedicated in Thessaloniki.

==== Armenia ====
Etchmiadzin Cathedral is completed by Gregory the Illuminator and Tiridates III, king of Armenia.
January 6 – baptization of Tiridates III of Armenia.

==== Asia ====
Sassanid Shah Hormizd II succeeds Narseh.

==== America ====
In Mexico, the civilization of Teotihuacan flourishes.

=== By topic ===

==== Religion ====
March 4 – Saint Adrian of Nicomedia is martyred.

== Births ==
Magnentius, Roman usurper (d. 353)
Wang Xizhi, Chinese calligrapher (d. 361)
Xun Guan, Chinese female warrior

== Deaths ==

April 23 – Saint George of Lydda, soldier of the Roman Empire and martyr

=== Date Unknown ===
Acacius of Byzantium, centurion in the Roman army and martyr
Anthimus of Rome
Cao Huan, last emperor of the Kingdom of Wei (b.246)
Cessianus, Roman Catholic saint and martyr
Crescentinus, patron saint of Urbino
Saint Cyriacus
Saint Devota
Erasmus of Formiae
Expeditus, Roman commander and martyr
Felix and Adauctus, Christian martyrs
Saint Fermin, Roman Catholic saint
Lu Ji, Chinese writer and literary critic (b.261)
Saint Pantaleon
Romanus of Caesarea, martyr
Victor Maurus, Christian martyr
Vitus, Christian saint from Sicily

== References ==
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